FW 1 Site Showcase

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FW/1 Site Showcase

Do you have a site created using FW/1? You may have solved problems that others are having – by adding your site to the Showcase, along with a brief description of technologies used (and any issues encountered along the way), you may be able to help and inspire other developers!

The sites

Please add your site in alphabetical order (excluding the www!), following the template of existing sites (h2 for the site name, followed by a byline, brief overview of the site, list of technologies used, and any other pertinent information).


By Ray Camden.
The marketing / promotion site for Ray Camden’s BlogCFC open source project.
Provides news, documentation and other information about the BlogCFC project.
Uses: ColdFusion 9, FW/1.


By SiteVision.
Google Mashup that supports the International Mission Board in their mission to reach out to unengaged people groups throughout the world.
Uses: ColdFusion 9, FW/1, ColdSpring, ORM, jQuery Mobile


By SiteVision.
ECommerce Site selling resource catalog items for the International Mission Board.
Uses: ColdFusion 9, FW/1


By Eric Leonard.
Collaboration site to connect thinkers with doers. Share your idea to attract investors or lend your support to launch a great idea posted by another.
Uses: ColdFusion 9, FW/1, ORM, jQuery, Bootstrap


By Seth Johnson.
Site utilizes Bing maps and local mls feed to display neighborhood statistics for properties on the market, under contract and recently sold in the Cape Cod Massachusetts area.
Uses: ColdFusion 9, FW/1, ColdSpring, Bing Maps API.


By Seb Duggan.
E-commerce site selling a range of natural health products in the UK and worldwide. The site was converted to FW/1 from an existing site in order to allow easier future development.
Uses: ColdFusion 9, FW/1, ColdSpring, ValidateThis, custom rewrite rules.


By George Eapen.
An ecommerce site for pool supplies. This site was ported from a classic ASP site to CF. The caching features of FW/1 really help with performance.
Uses: ColdFusion 8, FW/1, ISAPI Rewrite.


By Dan Vega.
A site for a local event I put together every year that benefits less fortunate children in the Cleveland area.
Uses: ColdFusion 9, ORM, FW/1, ColdSpring, Hyrule, cfcommons, Apache mod_rewrite.


By Snap Design.
A site for local parents to find information on school bus transportation for their children, along with real time bus cancellation/delay alerts.
Uses: ColdFusion 9, ORM, FW/1, Hyrule.


By Daniel Heighton.
Used by clients in the construction industry to get construction and sales leads, promotional tools, and industry statistics.
Uses: ColdFusion 9, FW/1, ORM, Coldspring, ISAPI Rewrite, JQuery


By Fluky Factory.
Catch Advisory Group Inc. is a full-service consulting firm based in Toronto. We specialize in brand development, integrated marketing planning, event management, target outreach campaigns, company launches, media planning, public relations and investor relations.
Uses: Railo 4, NGINX, FW/1, MySQL, JQuery, Digital Ocean

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