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An example of an Identity Provider for FranceConnect
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An implementation example of a FranceConnect Identity Provider.


This server use nodejs version 8.12.


git clone
cd identity-provider-example
npm install

Run the app

npm start

Optional: run it in debug mode:

DEBUG=oidc-provider:* npm start

Use the app

When you start the app, the server is available at : http://localhost:5000.

To emulate a click on an identity provider on /api/v1/authorize page of franceconnect website click on the button below:


You should be redirected to your local server.

You can use the following test credentials : 3_melaine | 123

More credentials are available here.

As your local server is not registered in FranceConnect, you will be redirected to a FranceConnect error page after successful login.

Run the Tests

npm test
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