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Hotfix due to a crash when using the DEB package (missing configuration in the build system).

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The GitQlient 1.4.2 release fixes build issues when generating DEB packages (for Debian related systems) and DMG for MacOS.

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The GitQlient 1.4.0 release contains the following features:

  • Squash merge branches
  • Squash commits: it is now possible to squash the last commits of the current branch. Of course, if the commits where already pushed to remote, they will need to be pushed force.
  • GitQlient now has an internal cache: Local Git operations will be done against the cache and later asynchronously against remote. This allow GitQlient to run faster for local changes that doesn't need synchronization. This also reduces the UI freeze when refreshing because of changes in the graph.
  • Credentials can be managed by GitQlient with the proper configuration. This can be done through the Config screen.
  • Multi cherry-pick: It is possible now to cherry-pick several commits at once when they're not part of the current branch.
  • Search tags in the Branches widget: In addition to branches, it is possible to search tags by name.
  • DEB package: GitQlient is now release as well as a DEB package in addition to RPM.

Technical improvements:

  • Reduced the number of memory allocations (specially with QString)

Known issues:

  • Any MacOS issues are still opened waiting for testability on that system.
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The GitQlient 1.3.2 release contains UI and UX improvements as well as minor features.

A more detailed list of changes follows below.


  • Improved sizing of GitQlient to fit 1280x800 screen resolution
  • Tag names updated when refresh
  • Fixed styles not being populated correctly
  • Fix resize of CommitInfoWidget
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The GitQlient 1.3.1 release contains UI and UX improvements as well as minor features.

A more detailed list of changes follows below.


  • Graph search by author/committer
  • Tags list follows the same UX design as branches
  • Improved GitQlient configuration options
  • Sequantial multi cherry-pick
  • Splitters for the HistoryWidget (Commit info panel + Branches panel)

Other improvements:

  • UI size optimization
  • Improved cache management
  • Removed legacy code
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The GitQlient 1.3.0 release contains GitHub and Jenkins integration as well as several new features.

A more detailed list of changes follows below.

Big features:

  • GitHub integration: Create issues and PRs. Do code reviews of a PR with code extracts, comments, reviews and markdown support (distributed binaries and when compiling with Qt 5.15).
  • Jenkins integration (preview): Review the status of your remote Jenkins server. Trigger builds and check the result of the different builds.
  • Stage chunk: Now it's possible to stage chunks of code instead of the whole file when working in the diff mode for the WIP (Work In Progress) files.
  • Subtrees: Added subtree support.
  • Pomodoro: New Pomodoro timer functionality.
  • Deleting submodules: Added a new option to delete a submodule.
  • Remotes: Added basic remotes management.
  • Config editor: Now it's possible to edit Git config files, GitQlientSettings file and all the GitQlient configuration from once place.
  • Big refactor on the app styles
  • Ready for translations: In this version GitQlient is ready to start translating it to other languages than English.

Minor features:

  • RPM packages available
  • Search functionality in code editor
  • Search functionality for the branches
  • Unified untracked and unstaged lists
  • The History view now shows a green check on the author column if the commit is signed
  • Haiku OS support.

Other improvements:

  • Bright color schema finished
  • Repo load time improvement
  • Configurable Git custom executable path
  • Fixed bugs in QPinnableTab
  • Fixed managing newly created repos
  • Fixes in the Code editor
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The GitQlient 1.2.0 release contains a deep refactor of the Cache management as well as several new features.

A more detailed list of changes follows below.

Big features:

  • Pinned tabs: It is possible to pin repositories that will persist between executions.
  • GitHub integration (preview): Tech preview where the user can set the GitHub configuration the get live data from GitHub about the Pull Requests. This also includes the creation of issues and the creation of pull requests from GitQlient.
  • Tiny text editor: Added file edition with syntax highlight for C++.
  • New features for the diff of the work in progress: Now you can edit, navigate through the diff and stage and reset the file in the same screen.
  • Branches widget: Now it's possible to use a minimalist version of the branches widget.
  • Re-worked the diff view: Better UI for presenting the commits information. Files are shown in tabs and you can choose different views.
  • File vs file diff: Added file vs file diff including navigation between the changes.
  • Bright colours UI: Added option to use bright colors schema for the UI.
  • Update notification: GitQlient implements a mechanism to alert the user that there is a new version available.
  • Settings store: GitQlient now stores settings per repository.

Minor features:

  • UI response: Improved internal cache handling to speed up UI response.
  • Mac: Release available for Mac.
  • Improvements in the colours of the graph.
  • Option to opt-out from prune when fetching (it was enabled by default before).
  • Re-worked the amend widget UI skeleton for committing and amending. This improves code quality as well as makes it safer to use and fix.
  • Added support for Qt 5.15.

Other improvements:

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This patch release solves a problem when the user opens a repository where no commits have been done yet. This was reported in #108 and has been considered critical enough for a push a patch.

In addition, a dmg for OSX is released as preparation for the next version 1.2.0.

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Big features:

  • New merge view
  • Basic Git config UI
  • Quick access to the recent projects in the init screen

Minor features:

  • Improved UX when pushing a local branch
  • Improved UX when checkout a branch
  • Improved UX for the graph view
  • Ability to open an external editor to edit files

Other technical improvements:

  • Improved display of branches distance
  • Improved performance on Windows

Documentation improvements:

  • Added Doxygen
  • Added UserManual
  • Added Planning
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Big features:

  • Multi-repository support: Added support to have multiple repositories opened at the same time.
  • Submodules: Added support for opening, adding and updating the submodules in a repository. The submodules can be opened as a normal repository to work with them.
  • Blame & History: There is a whole new screen where one can review the history of a file and blame it.

Minor features:

  • Branches: The branches are shown in a tree structure, more easy to follow.
  • Diffs: Between files, between random commits, etc.
  • Patches: I took back the patches but with some improvements: Multi-selection of commits to export them. Possibility of applying patches or import them.
  • Cloning/Init repositories: Progress dialogs when cloning or opening really big repos.
  • Refactor: The old backend has been reworked in a 97%. There are some pending changes that will be done on the v2.0.0.

Other technical improvements from the version available in GitQlientPlugin v1.0.0:

  • Re-organization of the project structure for a more intuitive architecture
  • Controls:
    • Main view buttons display the current view.
    • Added Diff as option
  • Repository view re-structure (aka HistoryWidget):
    • "Go to SHA" featured integrated in the repository view
  • Blame improvements:
    • Adding tabs to have several blames and improving navigation between the commit history and the blames
  • New Diff view:
    • Adding options to switch between different diffs (buttons list)
    • Added information about the commits that are compared and the files that are modified
  • Added option to reset staged files