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Dotclear 2 plugin which embed the Access42 AccessConfig tool

This tool, which propose some settings to enforce web page readability, is activable for the blog and/or the Dotclear backend (user prefs).

The currently proposed settings are:

  1. Contrast reinforcement/inversion
  2. Font replacement (dyslexia)
  3. Line spacing
  4. Justification
  5. Image replacement

The settings will be accessible via a dialog form opened by a button. The plugin provides a widget (with the button) or automatically inserts this button in header or footer of the blog, and, for the Administration side, inserts a button in the header or the footer.

This button may be displayed as a wheelchair or a visual deficiency icon.

Dotclear template engine

The widget may be directly inserted in one of the theme's template file by using this code:

<tpl:Widget id="a11yConfig">
    <setting name="buttonname">Accessibility parameters</setting>
    <setting name="icon">0</setting> (1 = wheelchair, 2 = visual deficiency)
    <setting name="font">1</setting> (0 = disable this option)
    <setting name="linespacing">1</setting> (0 = disable this option)
    <setting name="justification">1</setting> (0 = disable this option)
    <setting name="contrast">1</setting> (0 = disable this option)
    <setting name="image">1</setting> (0 = disable this option)
    <setting name="offline">0</setting> (1 = hide this widget)

Note: all settings are optionals and their default value are given above (for English)

A template tag is also provided and may be inserted using this code:

{{tpl:AccessConfig [option [option […]]]}}

Where options are:

  • title="Accessibility parameters"
  • icon="0" (1 = wheelchair, 2 = visual deficiency)
  • font="1" (0 = disable this option)
  • linespacing="1" (0 = disable this option)
  • justification="1" (0 = disable this option)
  • contrast="1" (0 = disable this option)
  • image="1" (0 = disable this option)

Note: values given for options are the default values used if the option is not present so no options at all is equivalent to:

{{tpl:AccessConfig title="Accessibility parameters" icon="0" font="1" linespacing="1" justification="1" contrast="1" image="1"}}


Source code and issues

Notes about reinforced/inverted constrast in Dotclear backend

  • It's recommended to disable the syntax highlighting for the theme editor (see "My preferences" > "My options" > "Other options" > "Syntax highlighting") otherwise the selected text and the cursor will not be visible.

  • This option will not be applied to CKEditor; you should switch back to the Legacy Editor if necessary for HTML edition (see "My preferences" > "My options" > "Edition").

  • In this mode the toolbar buttons of the Legacy editor will be replaced by their textual equivalent.

Stylesheets SASS to CSS

To compile Sass sources to final and compressed CSS run the following command from the plugin root directory:

sass -s compressed --no-source-map  ./scss:./css

Build package

To build the Dotclear 2 plugin package (using Dotclear provided tool):

cd plugins/a11yConfig


See joined LICENCE file