Bash command to automate tag semantic versioning
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Bash command to automate tagging with semantic versioning in a git repository.

Current version: v2.1.0


Allow easy maintenance of semantic versioning in git projects.

Since 1.4.2 supports .semver file writing.

Since 2.0.0 tags are not annotated by default. You must use the option -m or --message to annotate the tag.


help - Shows a help
current - Shows the last version tag found. If there is none it defaults to v0.0.0
patch - Increases patch version: v1.0.0 -> v1.0.1
minor - Increases minor version (and resets patch): v1.0.5 -> v1.1.0
major - Increases major version (and resets minor and patch): v1.3.4 -> v2.0.0
remove - Removes the last tag in the repository. This command doesn't support the -f|--force option.


-h|--help - Shows help.
-f|--force - Script won't ask for confirmation.
-d|--dry - Executes without perform any change.
-m|--message - Annotates the tag with the message.
-s|--semver - Generates the .semver file.


  • Copy the script to the place you want. Best in your $PATH.
  • Make it executable if needed.
  • There is no step three, I guess.

If you want to install it on your Linux or Mac OS X machine, use:

sudo curl -L \ \
-o /usr/local/bin/versiontag \
&& sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/versiontag \
&& versiontag help


Tests should help you to understand how versiontag works and to modify the code without breaking functionality. More tests are coming soon.

Run the tests with the following command.

bash testCases/

Known limitations

You should update your master before running versiontag in order to get the latest tags from the remote repo.


Feel free to suggest improvements and ideas.

A big thank you to:

Patrik Kristian:

  • Tests
  • Linux installation instructions
  • Several code improvements

Javier Ferrer

  • Suggested .semver file

Your name here ;-)

Basic usage

$ versiontag patch|minor|major [-m 'Tag message']

The command will show current and updated version and will prompt you to create the tag in the local version.

After that, it will prompt you to push the tag to remote repository.

That's all.


Show current version

$ versiontag current

Generate .semver for current version

$ versiontag current --semver

Patch version

$ versiontag patch -m 'Fix broken view'

Force patch version without annotation

$ versiontag --force patch

Minor version with message option

$ versiontag minor --message 'Add Customer filter by email'

Major version

$ versiontag major -m 'Blog module'

Remove last tag

$ versiontag remove