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Tutorial: Set up android + gradle project with dagger

In this tutorial

  1. It sets up two scopes: app scope vs activity scope.
  2. Project structure makes it easy to create multiple apps out of single codebase.
  3. It encourages module sharing and reusing.
  4. It support dagger code gen with both android app and library projects.
  5. Corresponding blog post

Change Log

  • [2014-06-09] Update to gradle to 1.12 and gradle android 0.11.+. Simplified gradle files.
  • [2014-01-26] Upgraded gradle to 1.10 and gradle android plugin to 0.8.+. So nice sd provided scope is here!
  • [2014-01-19] Change to use android-apt plugin 1.2 for dagger-compiler code gen
  • [2014-01-18] Initial push of the code base.