Swagger integration for Pedestal and Tripod
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Generate Swagger documentation from pedestal (or tripod) routes

For old pedestal-swagger users

This project now focuses solely on route transformation and schema validation and thus is pedestal-agnostic.

Route-swagger is a much lower level library. Everything the old pedestal-swagger did is still possible (look at the example repo) but requires a bit more boilerplate. The major breaking difference is that now route-swagger uses ring specific keys for describing the schema rather than swagger ones, e.g.

{:parameters {:body-params ..
              :form-params ..
              :query-params ..
              :path-params ..
              :headers ..}
  :responses {500 {:body .. :headers ..}}}            

Instead of body, formData, query, schema, etc. That should make it much more user friendly for clojure users.

For a nicer integration with pedestal, extra features and easier migration path from the old pedestal-swagger check out pedestal-api.


Clojars Project


Have a look at the project under the example folder for a working pedestal app


Copyright © 2015 Frankie Sardo

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.