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Functional Koans - Functional Javascript

Based on Edgecase's fantastic Ruby koans, the goal of the Functional Javascript koans is to teach you Functional Javascript through testing.

When you first run the koans, you'll be presented with a runtime error and a stack trace indicating where the error occurred. Your goal is to make the error go away. As you fix each error, you should learn something about the Javascript language and functional programming in general.

Your journey towards Javascript enlightenment starts in the koans/AboutExpects.js file. These koans will be very simple, so don't overthink them! As you progress through more koans, more and more Javascript syntax will be introduced which will allow you to solve more complicated problems and use more advanced techniques.

Running the Koans from a Browser

Simply navigate to the Javascript Koans folder using a file browser, and double click on KoansRunnner.html.

Any browser will do, but for the best results Firefox or Chrome is recommended. More stack trace information shows up for javascript on this browsers.

The first error will be in koans/AboutExpects.js. Fix the first test and refresh the browser. Rinse and repeat until all tests turn green.

The test runner used is Jasmine with a customized reports viewer.


v2 - Sept 2010 - Second version based on jasmine (Thanks Greg Malcolm!) v1 - July 2010 - First version based on jsTestDriver


This software is (c) 2010 David Laing, and licensed under the MIT license (see LICENCE for details). Enjoy!