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Nov 23, 2020
Nov 19, 2020

I am a researcher and computer scientist. I used to work in San Francisco, then I traveled a bit, and I'm now in NYC starting

The following posts are in reverse chronological order: newest posts are first. The content of the oldest posts may no longer be correct (mostly those about pieces of software I've worked on, and their state at some time in the past), but they have been retain for posterity (and some humility).

topics date title
Differential 2020-08-13 Lateral Joins and Demand-Driven Queries
Differential 2020-08-01 Change Data Capture (part 1)
Materialize 2020-04-01 Robust Reductions in Materialize
Materialize 2020-06-19 Eventual Consistency isn't for Streaming
Timely,Differential 2020-06-09 Rust for Data-Intensive Computation
Differential 2020-06-06 Sudoku in Differential Dataflow
Differential 2020-05-01 Managing Memory in Differential Dataflow
Differential 2020-03-26 Upserts in Differential Dataflow
Materialize 2020-03-16 Materialize on NYC taxi data
Differential 2020-02-15 Differential Dataflow and Calculus
Datalog, Differential 2019-09-06 Datalog at SIGMOD and VLDB
Timely 2019-08-17 Tracking progress in timely dataflow
Materialize 2019-08-03 Debugging dataflows with materialized
Differential 2019-06-13 LDBC BI Query 25, developed
Differential 2019-05-20 Programming with time
Privacy 2019-04-12 Differential privacy and Demographics
Differential 2019-02-09 Monoids and Graph Processing
Differential 2018-12-30 Tensorflow in Differential Dataflow
Differential 2018-11-20 Strings (and beyond) in differential dataflow
Timely 2018-09-26 Timely Dataflow Architecture
Timely 2018-08-18 Synchronization via Timely Dataflow
Datalog, Rust 2018-05-19 A Datalog engine in Rust
Differential 2018-05-06 A differential dataflow query processor
Privacy 2018-03-11 Things that count
Privacy 2018-02-25 Uber's differential privacy .. probably isn't
Differential 2018-02-19 World enough, and timely dataflow
Differential 2018-02-11 Yahoo's Steaming Benchmark
Differential 2017-12-10 Advent of Code
Timely 2017-11-08 Timely on Kafka
Privacy 2017-10-27 Deep learnings about differential privacy
COST, Differential 2017-10-23 COST in the land of differential dataflow
Privacy 2017-09-28 The Moral Character of Privacy Technology
COST 2017-09-23 COST in the land of databases
Differential 2017-09-05 Big Data Stream Managers (BDSM)
Differential 2017-08-21 Live PageRanking
Timely 2017-07-27 Memory management for big data
Differential 2017-07-24 Throughput and latency in differential dataflow
Differential 2017-05-06 Specialization in differential dataflow
Differential 2017-05-01 Arrangement in differential dataflow
Differential 2017-04-24 A TPC-H-like evaluation of differential dataflow
Differential 2017-03-28 Differential dataflow 2017 roadmap
Differential 2017-03-22 What I'm stuck on
Differential 2017-03-01 High-resolution timestamps
Differential 2017-02-21 Modular data organization
Differential 2017-02-11 Differential dataflow status report
Privacy 2017-02-08 Two flavors of differential privacy
Privacy 2017-01-26 Differential privacy as a mutual information constraint
Timely 2016-09-17 Tracking motifs in evolving graphs
Privacy 2016-08-29 Differential privacy and correlated data
Privacy 2016-08-16 Lunchtime for data privacy
Differential 2016-08-03 Differential Dataflow internals
Differential 2016-07-26 Differential Dataflow Roadmap
Differential 2016-07-17 Dataflow as Database
Datalog, Differential 2016-06-21 Differential Dataflog
Privacy 2016-06-14 Statistical inference considered harmful
Privacy 2016-05-19 Differential privacy for dummies, redux
Differential 2016-03-27 Explaining outputs in modern computations
Privacy 2016-02-06 Differential privacy: an illustrated primer
Privacy 2016-02-03 Differential privacy for dummies
COST 2015-12-24 Graph processing in 2016
Timely 2015-12-19 Progress tracking in Timely Dataflow
Differential 2015-11-27 An introduction to Differential Dataflow, part 2
Differential 2015-09-29 An introduction to Differential Dataflow, part 1
Timely 2015-09-21 An introduction to Timely Dataflow in Rust, part 3
Timely 2015-09-18 An introduction to Timely Dataflow in Rust, part 2
Timely 2015-09-14 An introduction to Timely Dataflow in Rust, part 1
COST 2015-08-20 Epic Graph Battle of History: Chaos vs Order
COST 2015-08-15 Sorting out graph processing
COST, Timely 2015-07-31 The impact of fast networks on graph analytics, part 2.
COST, Timely 2015-07-08 The impact of fast networks on graph analytics, part 1.
Differential 2015-05-12 Differential graph computation
Timely 2015-05-04 Abomonation: terrifying serialization
Timely 2015-04-19 Data-parallelism in timely dataflow
Timely 2015-04-11 Worst-case optimal joins, in dataflow
Differential 2015-04-07 Differential dataflow
COST 2015-02-04 Bigger data; same laptop
COST 2015-01-15 Scalability! But at what COST?
Timely 2014-12-29 Timely dataflow: core concepts
Timely 2014-12-27 Timely dataflow: reboot
Rust 2014-12-16 Columnarization in Rust, part 2
Rust 2014-12-15 Columnarization in Rust


Some notes on things I find interesting and important.



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