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SilverStripe Social Connections Module

Maintainer Contacts


  • SilverStripe 2.4


To create social media links from the site config easily and include them in templates with default icons.

Installation Instructions

  1. Place this directory in the root of your SilverStripe installation, rename the folder 'socialconnect'.
  2. Visit to rebuild the database.

Usage Overview

  1. Go to site config settings in the CMS and click on the 'Social Connections' tab.
  2. Add a social connection for a certain type
  3. Include the template file in the template with <% include SocialConnect %>.


  1. Adding more types with default icons
  2. Allowing users to upload new icons to override packaged icons

Known Issues

  1. Site config ID not saved correctly for each SocialConnection, so probably does not work with multiple site configs