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;; copyright (C) 2003 Franz Inc, Oakland, CA - All rights reserved.
;; The software, data and information contained herein are proprietary
;; to, and comprise valuable trade secrets of, Franz, Inc. They are
;; given in confidence by Franz, Inc. pursuant to a written license
;; agreement, and may be stored and used only in accordance with the terms
;; of such license.
;; Restricted Rights Legend
;; ------------------------
;; Use, duplication, and disclosure of the software, data and information
;; contained herein by any agency, department or entity of the U.S.
;; Government are subject to restrictions of Restricted Rights for
;; Commercial Software developed at private expense as specified in
;; DOD FAR Supplement 52.227-7013 (c) (1) (ii), as applicable.
;; $Id:,v 1.26 2007/04/12 17:15:02 dancy Exp $
(in-package :user)
(defparameter *configfile* "/etc/")
(eval-when (compile eval load)
;; useful when telnet'ing in:
(require :trace))
(defun main (&rest args)
(setf *load-verbose* nil)
;; Ensure sane umask.
(excl.osi:umask #o22)
(let ((prgname (pop args)))
(when (string= (basename prgname) "mailq")
(exit 0 :quiet t))
;; Pretend to support 'newaliases'
(when (string= (basename prgname) "newaliases")
(exit 0 :quiet t))
(if (null args)
(error "Recipient names must be specified"))
( ;; keep sorted, please
("C" :short alt-config-file :required-companion)
("F" :short fullname :required-companion)
("b" :short runmode :required-companion)
("f" :short from :required-companion)
("i" :short ignoredot nil)
("m" :short metoo nil)
("o" :short options :required-companion :allow-multiple-options)
("p" :short port :required-companion)
("r" :short chroot :required-companion)
("q" :short processqueue :optional-companion)
("T" :short test-mode nil)
("t" :short grab-recips nil)
("v" :short verbose nil))
(cmdline-recips :command-line-arguments args)
(when alt-config-file
(if (not (probe-file alt-config-file))
(error "Configuration file ~A not found." alt-config-file))
(setf *configfile* alt-config-file))
;; Load the configuration now.
(if (and (probe-file *configfile*)
(verify-root-only-file *configfile*))
(load *configfile*))
;; Override port in config file
(when (and port
(setq port (parse-integer port :junk-allowed nil))))
(setq *smtp-port* port))
(when (and chroot (not test-mode))
(error "-r can only be used in test mode."))
(when test-mode
(let ((user (pwent-name (getpwuid (getuid)))))
(setq *test-mode* t)
(setq *test-mode-mailbox*
(format nil "~a/var/spool/mail/~a" chroot user))
(setq *mailers*
`((:local ;; keyword identifier
"Unix mailbox"
;; Chroot hack, for testing:
(when chroot
(or (probe-file chroot)
(error "Chroot argument does not exist: ~a." chroot))
(or (file-directory-p chroot)
(error "Chroot argument is not a directory: ~a." chroot))
(dolist (v '(*ssl-certificate-file* *ssl-key-file* *aliases-file*
*stats-file* *queuedir* *pid-file*))
(set v (concatenate 'simple-string
chroot (symbol-value v)))
(format t "debug: ~a=~a~%" v (symbol-value v)))
;; sanity checks
(if (not (probe-file *queuedir*))
(error "Queue directory ~A doesn't exist!" *queuedir*))
(verify-root-only-file *queuedir*)
(if (and *ssl-support* (null *ssl-certificate-file*))
(error "*ssl-certificate-file* must be set when *ssl-support* is enabled"))
(if (and *client-authentication*
(null *ssl-support*))
(error "*ssl-support must be enabled when *client-auth-requires-ssl* is enabled"))
;; process options. Ignores ones which we don't implement
(dolist (option options)
((string= option "i")
(setf ignoredot t))
((string= option "M")
(setf metoo t))))
(when processqueue
(if (stringp processqueue)
(setf processqueue (parse-queue-interval processqueue))
(setf processqueue 0)))
(when runmode
((string= runmode "d")
(smtp-server-daemon :queue-interval processqueue)
(exit 0 :quiet t)) ;; parent gets here.
((string= runmode "D")
(setf *debug* t)
(smtp-server-daemon :queue-interval processqueue))
((string= runmode "T")
(setf *debug* t)
(smtp-server-daemon :queue-interval processqueue))
((string= runmode "s")
(do-smtp *terminal-io* :fork t :verbose verbose)
(exit 0 :quiet t))
((string= runmode "p")
(exit 0 :quiet t))
((string= runmode "v")
(verify-cmdline-addrs cmdline-recips)
(exit 0 :quiet t))
((string= runmode "i")
;; ignore.
(exit 0 :quiet t))
(error "-b~A option invalid" runmode))))
(when processqueue
(queue-process-all :verbose verbose :max 1)
(exit 0 :quiet t))
(if (and (not grab-recips) (null cmdline-recips))
(error "Recipient names must be specified"))
(let (good-recips)
(dolist (string cmdline-recips)
(setf good-recips
(nconc good-recips
(get-good-recips-from-string string))))
(if (or good-recips grab-recips)
(send-from-stdin good-recips
:dot (if ignoredot nil t)
:gecos fullname
:from from
:grab-recips grab-recips
:metoo metoo
:verbose verbose)
(error "~a: No valid recipients specified." prgname))))))
;; s = seconds
;; m = minutes (default if no tag specified)
;; h = hours
;; d = days
;; w = weeks
(defun parse-queue-interval (string)
(let ((max (length string))
(pos 0)
(seconds 0)
(when (>= pos max)
(multiple-value-bind (value newpos)
(parse-integer string :start pos :junk-allowed t)
(when (null value)
(error "Invalid time spec: ~A" string))
;; find out what the units are
(when (>= newpos max)
;; no characters follow. Default to minutes
(incf seconds (* 60 value))
(setf char (schar string newpos))
(case char
(incf seconds value))
(incf seconds (* 60 value)))
(incf seconds (* 3600 value)))
(incf seconds (* 86400 value)))
(incf seconds (* (* 86400 7) value)))
(error "Invalid time unit: '~A'" char)))
(setf pos (1+ newpos))))
(defun maild-signal-handler (sig tee)
(declare (ignore tee))
(maild-log "Maild terminating on signal ~d" sig)
(excl::mp-safe-exit (+ 128 sig) :quiet t)
t) ;; for good measure
(defun establish-signal-handlers ()
(dolist (sig `(,*sigint* ,*sigterm* ,*sighup*))
(set-signal-handler sig #'maild-signal-handler)))
;; XXX -- sendmail shows the expansions. Will do that
;; later.
(defun verify-cmdline-addrs (strings)
(dolist (string strings)
(get-good-recips-from-string string :verbose t)))
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