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AutoBuddy is a would be Home Automation system. Head to http://frawau.github.io/AutoBuddy/ for some description and some screenshots.

You can also check out these videos: installation (part 1), installation (part 2), configuring/using AutoBuddy

Raspberry Pi Installation

RPi3 and RPi2 are supported.

It is not recommended to use Wifi with RPi3. In any case, you'll need a wired network connection for this installation.

Download the image from this link at Google Drive

Write the image to an SD card the usual way

xzcat rpi3-autobuddy.img.xz | dd of=/dev/sdX

with X the actual device e.g. sdb, sdc, ...

Boot the RPi and connect to it using ssh;

ssh autobuddy@autobuddy.local

The password is "autobuddy" (without the quotes)

Update AutoBuddy

cd Autobuddy
git pull
cd ..


sudo AutoBuddy/ConfigBuddy/ConfigBuddy

answer the questions and reboot.

Access WebBuddy at


If it complains about an unsafe connection, ignore and trust the self-signed certificates then login as user "admin" with password "password"

Have fun and let us know what you like or don't like..



AutoBuddy depends on a quite a few softwares. To start, you must have Python 3.5 or newer, so you need a fairly recent distribution. On Raspberry Pi, you can use Jessie and use Stretch to update the Python sub-system.

To install all the needed packages, on a recent Ubuntu/Debian distro, you could run

sudo apt -y install postgresql tmux python3-sqlalchemy python3-crypto python3-psycopg2 python3-zeronconf \
                    python3-ephem python3-dateutil python3-crontab python3-bitstring python3-pip git
sudo pip3 install aiolifx aioarping aiobtname aioblescan pyalsaaudio aiohttp aiocoap zeroconf aiodns

You must make sure that Postgres is running! Currently (03/17), the configuration tool will blissfully ignore any error when trying to set up the datanase (If asked to that is).

If you plan on using KodiBuddy the python3-aiohttp package won't work, you need aiohttp from PyPi.

On a Ubuntu/Debian distro, you can test that Postgres is running OK by doing, in a terminal:

sudo bash
      Type your passwordif asked to
su postgres

If you get something like

psql (9.6.2)
Type "help" for help.


You are all set. This also means you can use "sudo" to run the configuration script, which will make your life a lot easier.

To get out of there use:


Installing AutoBuddy

Just clone from github:

git clone https://github.com/frawau/AutoBuddy

Once the repository has been cloned, you can run the installation script. If you could access Postgres using the method described above AND if you trust the script, you can do

sudo AutoBuddy/ConfigBuddy/ConfigBuddy

If not, either you can provide a postgres "superuser" name and password, or the configuration script will do what it can and tell you, at the end, what you still need to do (SQL command, python script...). Simply run the script as:


WARNING: Running the configuration script with sudo will automatically grant "raw socket" privileges to the python interpreter. Some people may object to this.

ConfigBuddy will ask you a few question and proceed to create a number of files/directories.

AutoBuddy/.tls/              for certificates
AutoBuddy/.buddyconfig/      for the json configuration files
AutoBuddy/.run/              for the various starting files
AutoBuddy/.start-autobuddy   the file starting the applications in tmux sessions.
AutoBuddy/.stop-autobuddy    the file stopping the applications.

At the end it will also schedule AutoBuddy/.start-autobuddy to start on boot by adding an "autobuddy" service to systemd. If you want to run AutoBuddy as an unprivildged user, you could schedule it to run at boot time with crontab "@boot"

If you did not run under sudo, or did not provide username and password for Postgres, ConfigBuddy will list all the actions that need to be done:

- Database creation. SQL commands
- Database user, password and privileges. SQL commands
- Bootstrap the AutoBuddy database. Python script
- Needed 'setcap'. Shell commands

If you provided the wrong username/password for Postgres, you'll have to run ConfigBuddy again.

If everything went OK, you can run AutoBuddy by either:

1- rebooting
2- run AutoBuddy/.start-autobuddy

After 30/45 seconds, you can access WebBuddy at:


Use "admin" with password "password" to access. It is recommended to change the password quickly (in the right menu)

How To

In WebBuddy you have two modes:

    Edit Mode:      Mode in whick you can create/delete zones, edit zones and
                    devices labels, move zones within zones, mode devices within
                    zones, create/edit users

                    To toggle, click on the "Edit Mode" button

    User Mode:      You can send command to devices (click on device).
                    Get device info if any (Ctrl-Click on device)
                    Change your zone view. (Double-Click zone)

Here is how you do a few things: In User Mode To send a command to a device, click on the device. To send a command to a zone, click on the zone label To change zone view, double click on the zone

In Edit Mode:
    Create a new zone: drag-and-drop the "New Zone" label into a zone
    Delete a zone: drag-and-drop the zone to the "Delete" label
    Move a zone: drag-and-drop the zone into a zone
    Move a device: drag-and-drop the device into a zone
    Label a device: double-click the device
    Label a zone: double-click the zone

In Rules trigger, condition and action as well as logger, when you need to
specify the part of the value you are interrested in, specify with "::", e.g.
Most of the time you'll start with "value"

The Menu also contains quite a few things.

Commands (for instance to associate a flic button with FlicBuddy)
Configurations (Who's presence to look for, what rules for automation,...)
Graphs (To graph logged data)

Known Problems

Actually more like missing features....

Play music by artist

Parametrize Voice uterances