robot code for 2015 competition season
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#2015 Robot Code

##Getting started:

Pulling the Code

  1. Set up and configure your Eclipse and FRC tools installation.

  2. Download and install git for your system.

If you’re comfortable with command prompt, or would like to become comfortable, continue to the next step. Otherwise, see the wiki for your respective OS. It is highly recommended that you become comfortable with your system’s command prompt.

  1. On Linux-based systems, open up a terminal; on Windows, find "Git Bash" in the Start Menu and open it up.

  2. You'll start out in your home directory. You'll need to switch over to your “workspace” directory, which is usually in your "Documents" folder. Run the following command inside your console window:

    cd Documents/workspace
  3. Pull down a copy of this repository by running the following commands:

    git clone

NOTE: If you receive errors when trying "git clone git clone" read this

  1. Go to Eclipse and create a new “Robot Java Project” (File->New->Project->Robot Java Project) project with the following settings:

    Field Value
    Project Name FRC-2015
    Project Package com._604robotics.robot2015
    Project Type Iterative Robot

    If you get strange errors starting up the code after a deploy, it's because you messed these settings up!

  2. Delete the file in the project that should now appear. It is located in the com._604robotics.robot2015 package.

Congrats! You should now be able to sync with github!

For info on contributing, learning java, and anything else, check the wiki! (It's a bit lacking right now but that will change!)

Accessing the JavaDocs

  1. Set up your access to the code like above
  2. In Eclipse, slect the FRC-2015 project
  3. Select Project -> Generate JavaDoc
  4. Make sure FRC-2015, private, and Use Standard Doclet are selected
  5. You're now set up. To view the JavaDoc, go to Navigate->Open Attatched JavaDoc to view the JavaDoc

For everything else, talk to Alan!


  1. Edit wiki
  2. Figure out what else TODO