💾 Bash script to backup and cycle tar archives
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Bash script to backup multiple folders and to clean up old backups based on a retention time. Features configurable post/pre-commands, tar excludes as well as backup retentions.


cd /usr/local/src
git clone https://github.com/frdmn/tar-multibackup.git
ln -sf /usr/local/src/tar-multibackup/multibackup /usr/local/bin/multibackup
cp /usr/local/src/tar-multibackup/multibackup.conf ~/.multibackup.conf

Configuration and usage

  • timestamp = Format of the timestamp, used in the backup target filename
  • backup_destination = Directory which is used to store the archives/backups
  • folders_to_backup = Array of folders to backup
  • backup_retention = Retention time how long we should keep the backups
  • pre_commands = Array of commands that are executed before the backup starts (stop specific service)
  • post_commands = Array of commands that are executed after the backup finished (start specific service)

Environment configurations

  • DEBUG = if set to "true", set -x will be set
  • CONFIG = if you want to use a different configuration file than the


CONFIG=/tmp/testbackup.conf DEBUG=true multibackup

Example configuration

In the example below you can find a multibackup configuration file to backup a productional LiveConfig instance.

vi ~/.multibackup.conf

# Timestamp format, used in the backup target filename
timestamp=$(date +%Y%m%d)

# Destination where you want to store your backups

# Folders to backup

# Files and folders that are excluded in the tar command

# How long to you want to keep your backups (in days)

# Commands that are executed before the backup started
# (We have to make sure the liveconfig process is not running)
# (otherwise the databases changes while we try to save it)
  "service liveconfig stop"

# Commands that are executed after the backup is completed
# (To restart the liveconfig process again, once the backup is completed)
  "service liveconfig start"

Cronjob setup

To make sure the backup is executed automatically and recurring, we're going to add a simple cronjob:

vi /etc/cron.d/backup-liveconfig

# cronjob to backup LiveConfig, daily at 5:00 am

0 5 * * *        root       /usr/local/bin/multibackup &>/dev/null