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RxSwift to Apple’s Combine Cheat Sheet
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RxSwift to Combine Cheatsheet

This is a Cheatsheet for RxSwift developers interested in Apple's new Combine framework.

It's based on the following blog post:


RxSwift Combine
Deployment Target iOS 8.0+ iOS 13.0+
Platforms supported iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS, Linux iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS, UIKit for Mac ¹
Spec Reactive Extensions (ReactiveX) Reactive Streams (+ adjustments)
Framework Consumption Third-party First-party (built-in)
Maintained by Open-Source / Community Apple
UI Bindings RxCocoa SwiftUI ²

Core Components

RxSwift Combine Notes
Observable Publisher
Driver BindableObject (SwiftUI) Both guarantee no failure, but Driver guarantees delivery on Main Thread. In Combine, SwiftUI recreates the entire view hierarachy on the Main Thread, instead.
Single Future
Disposable Cancellable There's no DisposeBag in Combine, AnyCancellable cancels on deinit.
Observer Subscriber
ConnectableObservableType ConnectablePublisher
SubjectType Subject
PublishSubject PassthroughSubject
BehaviorSubject CurrentValueSubject This seems to be the type that holds @State under the hood
SchedulerType Scheduler


RxSwift Combine Notes
asObservable() eraseToAnyPublisher()
asObserver() eraseToAnySubject()
bind(to:) assign(to:on:) Assign uses a KeyPath which is really nice and useful. RxSwift needs a Binder / ObserverType to bind to.
buffer buffer
catchError catch
catchErrorJustReturn replaceError(with:)
combineLatest combineLatest, tryCombineLatest
compactMap compactMap, tryCompactMap
concat append, prepend
debounce debounce
debug print
delay delay
distinctUntilChanged removeDuplicates, tryRemoveDuplicates
do handleEvents
enumerated + skipWhile + take output(at:), output(in:)
filter filter, tryFilter
first first, tryFirst
flatMap flatMap
flatMapLatest switchToLatest
ignoreElements() ignoreOutput()
just() Publishers.Just()
map map, tryMap
merge merge, tryMerge
multicast multicast
observeOn receive(on:)
reduce reduce, tryReduce
retry, retry(3) retry, retry(3)
scan scan, tryScan
share share There doesn't seem to be a share(replay: 1) in Combine, yet
skip(3) dropFirst(3)
skipUntil drop(untilOutputFrom:)
skipWhile drop(while:), tryDrop(while:)
subscribe sink
subscribeOn subscribe(on:) RxSwift uses Schedulers Combine uses RunLoop, DispatchQueue, and OperationQueue.
take(3).toArray() collect(3)
takeLast last
throttle throttle
timeout timeout
toArray() collect()
zip zip


Add any data/operators to the appropriate CSV files in the Data folder, run bundle install and generate.rb.

Finally, commit the changes and submit a Pull Request.

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