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Library providing easy to use cross-platform browser sound capabilities to GWT
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This project is no longer actively developed or maintained.


Library providing easy to use cross-platform browser sound capabilities to Google Web Toolkit (GWT) projects.


  • Automatic selection of HTML5 audio, native browser audio and Flash (if installed)

  • Straightforward API:

    SoundController soundController = new SoundController();
    Sound sound = soundController.createSound(Sound.MIME_TYPE_AUDIO_MPEG,


If you have questions, please post them on and I (or someone else) will try to answer them as best as possible. Using the forum means that others can benefit from any answers and feedback you get. It is always the fastest way to get an answer to a new question.

Is your project using gwt-voices?

I'd like to know if you're using gwt-voices on your project, and how useful (or not) this library is to you. You can send me an email at

Getting started with your own gwt-voices project

Read the wiki here:

Working examples


Please let me know what you think. Suggestions are always welcome.

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