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Hey everyone, we are excited to announce that we have merged with Open Domains! subdomains have been relocated to the open-domains/register repository.


What does this mean for users?

Open Domains has taken over our project, which means they will be the ones managing the domain(s) we previously offered. Nothing has actually changed for the users, just the backend stuff. The only noticable difference is that your subdomain file may look a little different as Open Domains has a slightly different format to ours.

Will this affect my subdomain?

It is unlikely. Your subdomain may go down for a few minutes to an hour or two during the migration period, however after that it should be back up.

How does this benefit the users?

Open Domains is a bigger project, therefore we can get more people to use our subdomains! It means bigger growth for us and there will be some extra perks for you too.

Some new perks include:

  • NS records
  • PSL Support
    • is not on the Public Suffix List yet, however we will be applying for PSL status under Open Domains' existing section.
    • This will mean browsers and services will treat your subdomain almost as an actual root domain.

How can I edit my domain file?

You will now need to go to the open-domains/register repository to register and manage subdomains on (You can check out some of the subdomains they offer as well, if you like πŸ˜‰)