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Open Dataset from freeCodeCamp's 2017 survey of more than 20,000 developers
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The open dataset from freeCodeCamp's 2017 survey of more than 20,000 developers

The data

You can read more about this survey here, along with some survey statistics.

You can discuss this dataset in freeCodeCamp's Data Science Gitter chatroom.

As of April 11, 2017, only the raw CSV dump has been uploaded (exported directly from Typeform).

  1. 2017-new-coder-survey-part-1.csv - the first half of the survey. 100% of respondants completed this section.
  2. 2017-new-coder-survey-part-2.csv - the first half of the survey, plus the second half - which about 95% of respondants also completed.

The cleaned up and combined data set can be found in the clean-data/ directory. You can check out the scripts that were used to clean the data set here.


This 2017 New Coder Survey is made available under the Open Database License: Any rights in individual contents of the database are licensed under the Database Contents License:

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