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An open source email campaign management tool for nonprofits
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Mail for Good

Join the chat at

Please be aware that Mail for Good is currently in beta.

Looking to contribute? Read our developer setup guide.

Image showing Mail 4 Good

An app for sending millions of emails as cheaply as possible. Mail for Good uses AWS Simple Email Service to send bulk emails at $0.10 per 1000 emails.

Mail for Good is fast and memory efficient, currently sending over 100 emails per second on a 1gb Digital Ocean VPS.

We've used Mail for Good to deliver newsletters to hundreds of thousands of campers per week.

Sounds good? Give it a try!


"My instance is deployed, what now?"

In you'll find how to connect, create your admin account and set up your AWS credentials allowing you to send your first blast.

What does Mail for Good do?

With Mail for Good you can:

  • Send email campaigns of unlimited size.
  • Import emails saved in CSV format.
  • Create templates to reuse for convenience when sending email campaigns.
  • Track bounce rate and other standard metrics. You can also insert tracking pixels and unsubscribe links at the click of a button.
  • Add custom fields to imported email lists such as names or cities.
  • Grant other users (limited or otherwise) permissions to use your account on your behalf.
  • Add embedded HTML newsletter sign up forms to your site. These are snippets of code that will let your users sign up with you at the click of a button.


We're currently sending weekly email blasts of over 800,000 emails in 4 hours on a $10 per month Digital Ocean VPS with 1 GB memory and 1 core processor.

Mail for Good is fast and scales to the rate limit enforced by AWS.

Why are we doing this?

We want to help nonprofits manage their email campaigns as inexpensively as possible, and have full control over their data.

How to install locally

local deployment


We're keen to tackle any issues people encounter. If you experience any problems, please create an issue and we'll get back to you.

How to contribute

Found a bug? Please let us know by creating an issue.

We warmly welcome contributions from anyone. Check out our how to contribute section to find out how you can do so.


Copyright (c) 2018, freeCodeCamp.

This computer software is licensed under the BSD-3-Clause.

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