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Haskell Maintainer's Toolkit

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Haskell Maintainer's Toolkit

Small utility programs that help your work when maintaining Haskell

depcalc.hs           -- Inverted dependency calculator (generic), see
                        the EuroBSDCon 2010 paper.   -- Generate a list of default inter-dependencies
                        between FreeBSD Haskell ports (requires a
                        cloned freebsd-haskell repository).

Depcalc.hs           -- Dependency and topology calculation (forward,
                        backward) for FreeBSD Haskell ports, based on
                        the output generated by -- Help to integrate the cloned freebsd-haskell
                        repository with the FreeBSD Ports Collection.

hs-ports.hs          -- Miscellaneous utilities to get information about
                        hs- ports.      -- Get port versions for all Haskell ports in the tree.       -- Get package versions for all Haskell ports in the

Changes.hs           -- Generate list of changes on each Subversion
                        integration.   -- Download and convert index.tar.gz of Hackage to a
                        simplified file for hsupdater to consume. -- Check out lang/ghc and all of the Haskell Cabal ports
                        from the FreeBSD Subversion repository

MassChange.hs        -- Change masses of ports using Haskell functions
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