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Freeletics is more than an app. It's a lifestyle powered by one of the most passionate and dedicated communities in the world.

Popular repositories

  1. RxRedux Public archive

    Redux implementation based on RxJava

    Kotlin 567 33

  2. Kotlin Multiplatform Statemachine library with nice DSL based on Flow from Kotlin Coroutine's.

    Kotlin 370 15

  3. CoRedux Public archive

    Opinionated Redux store implementation using Kotlin coroutines

    Kotlin 160 6

  4. creds Public

    Encrypted & plain text credentials for multiple environments

    Ruby 37 2

  5. mad Public

    Modern Android Development - The Freeletics way

    Kotlin 36 5

  6. String to integer mapping for PostgreSQL array columns

    Ruby 34 6


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