ultralight, a lightweight and minimal theme for StepMania 5.0 (no longer updated)
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|            SSC-ULT| spinal shark collective release information
|                   | product    code: SSC-ULT
| the spinal shark  | product    type: stepmania theme
| collective        | target  version: StepMania 5 Beta 3
| presents          | project   title: ultralight
|                   | project version: r13
|                   |            date: 20141006 1447 (UTC-6,CDT)
|    ultralight     |       copyright: (public domain/no copyright)
|                   |
|  for StepMania 5  |
|                   |

ultralight is a bare-bones StepMania theme. The name was taken from a theme from
an abandoned fork of StepMania, and the theme itself is a pastiche of a few
StepMania themes (mainly PROPELA's step minor, with elements/ideas from my other
themes filling in the rest).

==Known Issues/To-Do Items==
* Online isn't done. Not by a long shot. This has a lot to do with me disliking
  the current state of online gameplay in StepMania, and until that changes,
  not much will be done about it.
* The Lifebar on Gameplay doesn't work in DirectX for some weird reason.
* If Event Mode is off, the theme will exhibit some errors; This is because I
  play with Event Mode on [and you should too ;)]. I'll fix it eventually.

==PAQ (Possibly Asked Questions)==
Q: What's the history of this theme?
A: ultralight originally started out as the default theme for StepMania
   Frankencode, a now-abandoned StepMania fork that never saw the light of day.
   Some of the graphics are taken from the original theme.

Q: What's with that bar on the bottom of the title menu?
A: Test code that I ended up liking a lot. If you sit back far enough and
   imagine, it looks like people walking. (to me, anyways.)

   (These days, you'd probably make such an effect using ActorMultiVertex, but
   back when I originally made this theme, we didn't have that.)

Q: Hey this looks like step minor somewhat...
A: Not a question, but I'll field it. ultralight wasn't originally meant to be
   like that. In fact, the original design wasn't ever completed, so I decided
   to take step minor's interface and use it as a guide, changing things up
   when I felt like it.

Q: Is this theme compatible with StepMania 5 Tournament Edition?
A: No. A lot of changes need to be made before ultralight can be considered a
   StepMania 5 TE-compatible theme. Since SM5TE is dead and/or dormant, it's
   unlikely there will be a port of ultralight in the near future.

AJ did most of the work.

Typefaces used:
* Mentone by Paragraph (http://www.paragraph.com.au/)
* VLGothic (see _vlgothic folder for license information; used for Japanese text)
* Open Sans (http://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/open-sans)

I will note that Mentone may be changed at any time for a font that has a more
liberal license.
As stated above, there is no copyright on this theme, you may do whatever you
want with it. This includes using the graphics, metrics, or Lua code.

Though it isn't required, if you use parts of ultralight in your theme, it would
be nice if you let me know. (I like StepMania theming and want to see it grow.)

If you're looking for a more "official" license statement, please check the 
LICENSE file. In case the Unlicense is not suitable, this work is alternatively
licenced under the CC0 license: http://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/

Please note that these licenses do not apply to the typefaces used in the theme,
which are copyright the original designers.

ultralight is a spinal shark collective production.
ssc creates the future <<< http://ssc.ajworld.net