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An OAuth2 Provider for Rack-based apps (deprecated/not supported)
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DEPRECATION NOTICE: This project is no longer supported. Doorkeeper or Songkick::Oauth2::Provider might offer the functionality you're looking for. We're keeping this repository around in case anyone is still relying on it, but note that there are a number of security vulnerabilities in the gem's dependencies as things stand, so use it at your own risk. If anyone wants to take over ownership of the repo, please get in touch.


Simple OAuth2 provider code extracted from


  • Implements draft 11 of the oauth2 spec
  • Handles the authorization_code, password, and client_credential grant types
  • Supports ActiveRecord and Mongoid

Usage Instructions

In your Gemfile:

gem 'oauth2-provider', :git => ''

If you're using ActiveRecord, grab the schema out of spec/schema.rb, and run the migration.

To dish out authorization codes you will need to implement something like this:

class AuthorizationController < ApplicationController
  include OAuth2::Provider::Rack::AuthorizationCodesSupport

  before_filter :authenticate_user!
  before_filter :block_invalid_authorization_code_requests

  def new
    @client = oauth2_authorization_request.client

  def create
    if params[:yes].present?


And add a couple of routes:

match "/oauth/authorize", :via => :get, :to => "authorization#new"
match "/oauth/authorize", :via => :post, :to => "authorization#create"

oauth2-provider will handle requests to /oauth/access_token to handle conversion of authorization codes to access tokens.