QRatitude: A QR-code based inventory tagging system
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QRatitude Inventory System

QRatitude is an inventory management system consisting of:

  • an Android app for scanning QR codes (encoded psuedo-GUIDs) and uploading associated product data
  • a java REST web service that exposes an API to store and query the product data

Development Setup

There are several handy scripts to setup, build, and run the QRatitude system from CLI.
Your mileage may vary with Eclipse or non-*nix environments.


App Setup

  • run android avd
  • create an AVD for Platform 4.0, API Level 14, and with an SD card (256MB)
  • launch the AVD from the tool (or modify app/launch.sh)
  • run app/install.sh to bootstrap AVD with ZXing Barcode Scanner
  • run app/stage.sh to build bin/qratitude-debug.apk and load QRatitude to AVD

Service Setup

  • run mvn clean install to build web service
  • run mvn cargo:start to run the web service on localhost:8080


Copyright (c) 2013 Freeside Technology Spaces.

The QRatitude software is released under the MIT License.
Assets (creative works) are released under the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA license.