Parallax plugin for OctoberCMS to manage and create multiple parallax sliders that you can view on any page.
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Parallax plugin for OctoberCMS

Manage and create multiple parallax sliders that you can view on any page.



How does it work?

The plugin creates a parallax by combining a selection of pages in your active theme. It can manage multiple parallax sliders that can be configured in it's own way.


Start with creating the pages you want in your parallax. It's highly recommended that you have no layout create a new layout without the <html><header><body> blocks in the pages that will be used in your parallax due to it will otherwise create duplicate content. After that go to the Parallax manager that is located in the top menu.

Manage paralaxes

Create a new parallax and start with giving it a name. The name will later be represented in a dropdown list of selectable parallaxes on the page that will hold the parallax. After that go to the Pages tab. Drag and drop all the pages you want to have in your parallax into the right square box called Selected Pages.

The selected page can be placed in two levels. The first level will create a vertical parallax and pages in a sub-level will create a horizontal slider. After the pages is selected save the parallax and to to CMS and the page that will hold the parallax.

Main page for the parallax

Add the component to the page and select a parallax from the dropdown.


There is a lot of settings that has been implemented. Read more about how these work on fullPage.

  • Vertical Centered
  • Resize
  • Scrolling Speed
  • Menu
  • Auto Scrolling
  • Scroll Overflow
  • CSS3
  • Loop Bottom
  • Loop Top
  • Loop Horizontal
  • Navigation
  • NavigationPosition
  • Slides Navigation
  • Slides NavPosition
  • Padding Top
  • Padding Bottom
  • Fixed Elements
  • Normal Scroll Elements
  • Normal Scroll Element Touch Threshold
  • Keyboard Scrolling
  • Touch Sensitivity
  • Continuous Vertical
  • Animate Anchor

The only thing that needs to be done is to add the component.

{% component 'parallax' %}


The plugin uses two JavaScript libraries.

  • FullPage - A simple and easy to use plugin to create fullscreen scrolling websites.
  • Sortable - Johnny have created a jQuery lib for nested sortable lists.