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  Community Sources

This repo contains data sources for — a community-driven search engine for software developers. sites contains lists of sites to index, grouped by category. cards contains reference cards (example in action).


Please, create a pull request to:

  • add a site to the index
  • add or modify a reference card.

I you want to add a new bang operator (!foo), please, create an issue.

Thank you.


There are 5 categories of search on Each corresponds to a .txt-file of indexed sites:

  • All (all.txt)
  • Docs (docs.txt)
  • Forums / Q&A (forums_qa.txt)
  • Blogs (blogs.txt)
  • Repositories (repositories.txt)

Category "All" is compiled automatically by combining all other categories. searches in all subdomains, regardless of depth. For example, if is specified, all existing subdomains (,, etc) are indexed and searched.


Each card is structured as follows:

"list of words":
  name: "Name"
  description: "Short one sentence description."
    website: ""
    quickstart: ""
    "community docs": ""
    "Mailing list": ""
    subreddit: ""

The "list of words" is used to match cards to queries. A card is displayed if the user's query contains at least one of the specified words (case insensitive). For example, requests clojure, clj, clj list or clojure map will all match this card:

"clojure clj":
  name: "Clojure"
  description: "Dynamically typed, functional dialect of Lisp. Immutable values, strong typing, hosted on JVM and other platforms."
    website: ""
    quickstart: ""
    "community docs": ""
    "Learn in Y minutes": ""
    "Q&A forum": ""
    "Clojurians Slack": ""
    "Mailing list": "!forum/clojure"
    subreddit: ""

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