ATmega32U4 breakout board in USB stick format
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Freetronics LeoStick

Copyright 2011 Freetronics Pty Ltd
Freetronics site:
Freetronics email:

The LeoStick is an Arduino compatible board, designed to be functionally equivalent to the Arduino Leonardo while shrinking it down to a tiny size.


  • Tiny format similar to a USB memory stick
  • Headers to match those on the Leonardo
  • ATmega 32u4 MCU
  • RGB LED to display power, TX, and RX
  • RGB LED for user control
  • Piezo transducer for sound output
  • USB-A connector
  • Overlay guide on both top and bottom

You can view more details at:


The design is saved as an EAGLE project. EAGLE PCB design software is available from free for non-commercial use. To use this project download it and place the directory containing these files into the "eagle" directory on your computer. Then open EAGLE and navigate to Projects -> eagle -> LeoStick.


The LeoStick was designed by:
Jonathan Oxer
Marc Alexander


The specific terms of distribution of this project are governed by the license referenced below.


Licensed under the TAPR Open Hardware License ( The "license" folder within this repository also contains a copy of this license in plain text format.