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Playing with new features. See README.
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Sandbox for Next-Generation XBMC-Remote

Time has come for a redesign. In a nutshell, these are the major changes:

  • New UI. Make it beautiful on phones, tablets and anything in-between, using common Android design patterns.
  • New backend. Use JSON-RPC instead of non-existent HTTPAPI, using the autogenerated library here.
  • Faster experience. Use locally cached data for faster access and offline usage.
  • More reliable. Make use of the libs out there. Image fetching and caching shouldn't be done by hand anymore.
  • Easier setup. Use zeroconf where available and system-wide accounts for credential storage.


git clone
cd android-xbmcremote-sandbox
git submodule init
git submodule update

Build process is now Gradle-based, tested in Android Studio and IDEA 13. If you have problems building, let me know on the issue tracker.

Status Quo

Stuff working so far:

  • XBMC host setup
  • Separated data for multiple hosts
  • Database sync of basic movie and album data
  • Cover load
  • Navigation drawer

Working on..

  • Setup tablet layouts
  • Play with Chrome Cast

Some mockups can be found here.



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