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Interface discovery now works, updated README.

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@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ rpcapd is a daemon that provides remote traffic capture for Windows version of [
This is a fork of rpcapd modified to compile and work in Linux.
-It is still quite messy and may not compile or work. Also contains a memory leak when client (Wireshark) is requesting available interfaces.
+It is still quite messy and may not compile or work.
## Building
This fork ships with a patched libpcap version found in WinPcap library.
@@ -23,9 +23,9 @@ This tool is to be used with Windows clients connecting to the linux box. Launch
Root privileges are needed to capture the interfaces.
-There are two ways to connect from a Windows box. One is to use GUI in Wireshark *Capture Options* dialog, but it's not cool and sometimes causes rpcapd child process to segfault during interface discovery.
-Other way is to invoke wireshark from commnd line:
+There are two ways to connect from a Windows box:
+ 1. Use GUI in Wireshark *Capture Options* dialog. Tested on Wireshark 1.7.1.
+ 2. Invoke wireshark from commnd line specifying capture interface directly:
wireshark -k -i rpcapd://<capture_box_ip>:<rpcapd_port>/<interface_to_capture>
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