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Object: Response

A Dynect API Response object has the following structure.

  • job_id String. The ID of the job that was created in response to a request..
  • status String. 'success' | 'failure' | 'incomplete'.
  • msgs Array. A list of zero or more Message objects (structure described below) regarding the results.
  • data Object. The structure containing the actual results of the request. Format depends on the request made.

Object: Message

  • SOURCE String. A debugging field. If reporting an error to your Dynect Concierge, be sure to include this.
  • LEVEL String. The severity of the message. 'FATAL' | 'ERROR' | 'WARN' | 'INFO'
  • INFO String. The actual message itself.
  • ERR_CD String. An error code (if appropriate) regarding the message. Valid values:
    • DEPRECATED_REQUEST: The requested command is deprecated
    • ILLEGAL_OPERATION: The operation is not allowed with this data set
    • INTERNAL_ERROR: An error occurred that cannot be classified.
    • INVALID_DATA: A field contained data that was invalid
    • INVALID_REQUEST: The request was not recognized as a valid command
    • INVALID_VERSION: The version number passed in was invalid
    • MISSING_DATA: A required field was not provided
    • NOT_FOUND: No results were found
    • OPERATION_FAILED: The operation failed to complete successfully
    • PERMISSION_DENIED: This user does not have permission to perform this action
    • SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE: The requested service is currently unavailable
    • TARGET_EXISTS: Attempted to add a duplicate resource
    • UNKNOWN_ERROR: An error occurred that cannot be classified