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#include <boost/intrusive_ptr.hpp>
#include <boost/shared_ptr.hpp>
#include "color_utils.hpp"
#include "scrollable_widget.hpp"
namespace gui {
class text_editor_widget;
typedef boost::intrusive_ptr<text_editor_widget> text_editor_widget_ptr;
class dropdown_widget;
class text_editor_widget : public scrollable_widget
text_editor_widget(int width, int height=0);
text_editor_widget(const variant& v, game_logic::formula_callable* e);
std::string text() const;
void set_text(const std::string& value, bool reset_cursor=true);
int get_font_size() const { return font_size_; }
void set_font_size(int font_size);
void change_font_size(int amount);
virtual void set_dim(int w, int h);
void undo();
void redo();
struct Loc {
Loc(int r, int c) : row(r), col(c)
bool operator==(const Loc& o) const { return row == o.row && col == o.col; }
bool operator!=(const Loc& o) const { return !(*this == o); }
bool operator<(const Loc& o) const { return row < o.row || row == o.row && col < o.col; }
bool operator>(const Loc& o) const { return o < *this; }
bool operator<=(const Loc& o) const { return operator==(o) || operator<(o); }
bool operator>=(const Loc& o) const { return o <= *this; }
int row, col;
const std::vector<std::string>& get_data() const { return text_; }
void set_search(const std::string& term);
void next_search_match();
bool has_search_matches() const { return search_matches_.empty() == false; }
void replace(const std::string& replace_with);
void set_on_change_handler(boost::function<void()> fn) { on_change_ = fn; }
void set_on_move_cursor_handler(boost::function<void()> fn) { on_move_cursor_ = fn; }
void set_on_enter_handler(boost::function<void()> fn) { on_enter_ = fn; }
void set_on_begin_enter_handler(boost::function<bool()> fn) { on_begin_enter_ = fn; }
void set_on_tab_handler(boost::function<void()> fn) { on_tab_ = fn; }
void set_on_esc_handler(boost::function<void()> fn) { on_escape_ = fn; }
void set_on_change_focus_handler(boost::function<void(bool)> fn) { on_change_focus_ = fn; }
bool has_focus() const { return has_focus_; }
void set_focus(bool value);
int cursor_row() const { return cursor_.row; }
int cursor_col() const { return cursor_.col; }
void set_cursor(int row, int col);
//convert a row/col cursor position to a position within the text()
//string that is returned.
int row_col_to_text_pos(int row, int col) const;
std::pair<int,int> text_pos_to_row_col(int pos) const;
void set_highlight_lines(int begin, int end);
void clear_highlight_lines();
std::pair<int, int> char_position_on_screen(int row, int col) const;
void set_row_contents(int row, const std::string& value);
virtual void select_token(const std::string& row, int& begin_row, int& end_row, int& begin_col, int& end_col);
virtual void on_change();
void handle_draw() const;
bool handle_event(const SDL_Event& event, bool claimed);
void save_undo_state();
bool record_op(const char* type=NULL);
std::pair<int, int> mouse_position_to_row_col(int x, int y) const;
virtual void on_move_cursor(bool auto_shift=false);
virtual void set_value(const std::string& key, const variant& v);
virtual variant get_value(const std::string& key) const;
bool handle_mouse_button_down(const SDL_MouseButtonEvent& event);
bool handle_mouse_button_up(const SDL_MouseButtonEvent& event);
bool handle_mouse_motion(const SDL_MouseMotionEvent& event);
bool handle_key_press(const SDL_KeyboardEvent& key);
void handle_paste(std::string txt);
void handle_copy(bool mouse_based=false);
virtual graphics::color get_character_color(int row, int col) const;
void delete_selection();
void on_page_up();
void on_page_down();
int find_equivalent_col(int old_col, int old_row, int new_row) const;
void on_set_yscroll(int old_pos, int new_pos);
void refresh_scrollbar();
virtual text_editor_widget_ptr clone() const;
virtual void restore(const text_editor_widget* state);
const char* last_op_type_;
std::vector<text_editor_widget_ptr> undo_, redo_;
std::vector<std::string> text_;
size_t font_size_;
int char_width_, char_height_;
Loc select_, cursor_;
int nrows_, ncols_;
int scroll_pos_;
int begin_highlight_line_, end_highlight_line_;
bool has_focus_;
bool is_dragging_;
int last_click_at_, consecutive_clicks_;
graphics::color text_color_;
std::string search_;
std::vector<std::pair<Loc, Loc> > search_matches_;
void calculate_search_matches();
void truncate_col_position();
boost::function<void()> on_change_, on_move_cursor_, on_enter_, on_tab_, on_escape_;
boost::function<void(bool)> on_change_focus_;
boost::function<bool()> on_begin_enter_;
void change_delegate();
void move_cursor_delegate();
void enter_delegate();
void tab_delegate();
void escape_delegate();
void change_focus_delgate(bool new_focus_value);
bool begin_enter_delegate();
game_logic::formula_ptr ffl_on_change_;
game_logic::formula_ptr ffl_on_move_cursor_;
game_logic::formula_ptr ffl_on_enter_;
game_logic::formula_ptr ffl_on_tab_;
game_logic::formula_ptr ffl_on_escape_;
game_logic::formula_ptr ffl_on_change_focus_;
game_logic::formula_ptr ffl_on_begin_enter_;
bool begin_enter_return_;
friend class dropdown_widget;
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