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Welcome to the Frogatto wiki!

This wiki provides documentation for the Git version of Frogatto. (Documentation for past versions is, unfortunately, not available.) If you are looking for the latest stable release, forums, and news, please visit Enjoy the game!


For Players

Game Controls You can access the in-game editor at any time by pressing ctrl-e. See more controls in the page.
General FAQ General questions and known issues of interest to players.

For Developers - Overview

General Game Making Intro So, you want to work in the Frogatto engine? Read this first.
General Game Making FAQ How to approach general things like scripting and blitting in frogatto's engine.
Game Object Programming Guide A handy walkthrough on making new objects.
Developer Utilities Utilities that come with the game and are useful for a variety of purposes.

For Developers - Reference


Audio and Image File Formats What formats (and special rules) our Image and Audio files must conform to.
GUI FML How to make and edit the heads-up display, such as the coin and health counters.
Creating Tilesets How to make tiles for use in the editor.
Debugging Utilities Tools to diagnose why things you're writing aren't working right.
FFL-FAQ Frogatto Formula Language(FFL) Frequently asked questions.

Variable and Function Reference Lists

Object Events An object's engine- fired events.
Object Functions The calls available to an object. This is the core of FFL.
Object Properties The many values an object has.
Level Variables Values in the level variable.
FFL Classes How classes work in FFL.
FFL Type System How variable types work in FFL.
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