Initiative to build developer experience focused decoupled micro infrastructure of tools for efficient and sustainable development of javascript applications

Pinned repositories

  1. frontful-todomvc

    Isomorphic React, Express and Frontful implementation of TodoMVC application to showcase various Frontful infrastructure elements

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  2. frontful-environment

    Environment abstraction provider for efficient and sustainable Javascript application development

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  3. frontful-resolver

    State management and binding approach for component based applications with focus on universality, isomorphism, data (pre)fetching and routing


  4. frontful-model

    Model provider for component based application with focus on (de)serialization and reactivity


  5. frontful-router

    Router provider for React applications focused on model first approach


  6. frontful-style

    CSS-in-JS styling approach for component based applications with focus on style API-ification, dynamic runtime modifications and isomorphism without compromising CSS features