FrontlineSMS is desktop/cloud based software created to lower barriers to positive social change using mobile technology
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FrontlineSMS v2 core codebase

This folder contains

  • the codebase for FrontlineSMS 2.x in the standard Grails application layout (grails-app, src, test, web-app, etc)
  • Utility scripts, mainly in bash and groovy, in the 'do/' folder
  • install4j & maven config for bundling the desktop version of FrontlineSMS in the 'install' folder

Getting started

  • Run grails -Ddb.migrations=false run-app to start the app in dev mode, with bootstrap data, and with database migrations disabled
  • Run grails test-app to run our test suite, and do/test_backup to open the results in a browser
  • Run grails dependency-report to view the list of plugin dependencies. If you need access to a FrontlineSMS-developed plugin that is not available in a public repo, please let us know via a github issue.