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WebMoney Transfer payment system API, fork from dkameleon/WMXI
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WebMoney Transfer payment system API.

Folder structure

 cert/        - public Webmoney certificates
 examples/    - old WMXI examples
 keys/        - your private keys and certificates
    webmoney/ - Webmoney library
 tests/       - PHPUnit tests
 tools/       - tools for configuration check and converting certificates

Configuration check

Check your configuration by running:

$ php ./tools/check.php

or if you not have cli installed run it through your browser by point it to:


After check is being complete be sure to remove `check.php`.


Example of usage high-level logic class Webmoney:

require_once (__DIR__ . '/src/webmoney/Webmoney.php');
$Webmoney = new Webmoney();
$Webmoney->Light(/* params */);
$result = $Webmoney->transferFunds(/* params */);

Example of usage X2 XML interface:

require_once (__DIR__ . '/src/webmoney/WMXI.php');
$Wmxi = new WMXI();
$Wmxi->Light(/* params */);
$result = $Wmxi->X2(/* params */);


``` php
require_once (__DIR__ . '/src/webmoney/Purse.php');
$Purse = new Purse('PURSE ID');
if (!$Purse->isValid()) {
    echo 'Purse ID = ' . $Purse->getId() . ' is invalid';
$server_responce_after_validation = $Purse->getResultX8();



Folder ./cert/ contains following certificates:

  • WebMoneyCA.crt

    WebMoney root certificate.

  • WebMoneyCA.pem.crt

    WebMoney root certificate in PEM format (for use with the cURL library).

  • WMUsedRootCAs.cer

    Set of WebMoney, Network Solutions and Verisign root certificates (recommended for services and developers using the XML interfaces).


Testing available only if PHPUnit is installed. To run tests follow this list:

1. Add your certificates and keys to ./keys/ folder;

2. Make a copy of ./tests/authn.dist.php to ./tests/authn.php;

3. Go to console and run:

    $ phpunit

   or to run specific test for Purse:

    $ phpunit ./tests/webmoney/PurseTest.php

WMXI library support

Tips and tricks

При отображении ХМЛ дерева имейте ввиду, что не все ноды могут отображаться, тем не менее они присутствуют и к ним можно добраться по дереву. Это особенности класса SimpleXML

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