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Will generate a random HEX string of a specifc byte size.
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Will create a random bytes HEX string, in node.js and browsers with crypto.

This library uses the crypto.randomBytes() in node.js, and crypto.getRandomValues() in the browser.

Both of those random generators should provide cryptographically strong pseudo-random data.

$ npm install randomhex
var randomHex = require('randomhex');

randomHex(16); // get 16 random bytes as HEX string (0x + 32 chars)
> "0xd59e72dbf8612798aa1674834c80894e"

randomHex(32, console.log); // get 32 random bytes as HEX string (0x + 64 chars)
> null "0x409de75fc727d81a7d9f59580130ce3e76124679eb5c4647eb18c40512450c29"
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