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Hunt the Wumpus

An implementation in Python 2.7 of the original "Hunt the Wumpus" game by Gregory Yob circa the mid 1970s, as described in The Best of Creative Computing Volume 1. This implementation remains true to the original game play, including bugs (features?) that are present in the original implementation. I've made only typographical adjustments and the addition of a 'q' key to quit.

$ python wumpus/wumpus.py


Hammurabi is a game of city management, the text-based ancestor of games like Civilization. You play the role of ruler of Sumeria over a decade, during which your decision as to how much to feed your people, how much land to buy and sell and harvest, decide the fate of your city. Written in Python 3 and based on the 1978 implementation in BASIC Computer Games.

$ python3 hammurabi/hammurabi.py


A more complex simulation of city management than Hammurabi, Dukedom places you as the Duke of a duchy, competing with other duchies to build your population and land, defeat them in battle, and ultimately challenge the King for the crown. Dukedom adds war, taxes, population moral, disease and a random generation system based on normal curves that means every game will be different.

Based on the implementation in Big Computer Games 1984 (see the same for playing instructions). Created by Vince Talbot in 1976, revised by Jamie Hanrahan and converted to Microsoft Basic by Richard Kaapke.

$ python3 dukedom/dukedom.py