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pydoc integration for the best text editor on earth
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Latest commit b522912 @superjamie superjamie committed with Add lowercase command abbreviations
Lowercase command abbreviations allow for quicker use.
With this change, it is possible to type `:pyd<space>`
to bring up the view, or `pyds<space>` to search.
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ftplugin Add lowercase command abbreviations
.gitignore Updates .gitignore
README Added note about needing "filetype plugin on".


pydoc.vim integrates Python documentation system into Vim. If you use
Vim and Python, you want to use it :-)

pydoc.vim is an ftplugin and has to be installed in your ftplugin directory.
Installing it in the plugin directory won't work.

Also note that you need a line like the following in your .vimrc file:
  filetype plugin on

You can find the complete documentation in the code itself.

Happy hacking!
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