Emacs Lisp interface to reCAPTCHA
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Emacs Lisp interface to reCAPTCHA.

This file contains an elisp interface to Google's reCAPTCHA service; two different areas are covered:

  1. reCAPTCHA: verifies that the user as correctly introduced the CAPTCHA

  2. reCAPTCHA mailhide: used to encrypt email addresses in webpages, and decrypt them after a successful CAPTCHA

The main entry points are:

  • recaptcha-html: outputs the HTML code that needs to be included in a webpage to display the CAPTCHA
  • recaptcha-verify: takes as input the challenge (i.e. what the user wrote) and validates the CAPTCHA
  • recaptcha-mailhide-html: outputs the HTML to show an email address.

NB: it uses the github version of Markus Sauermann's aes.ek available here: https://github.com/gaddhi/aes .