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A GUI for watching Leela Zero self train
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A GUI for watching Leela Zero self train

Please note that this is a fairly quick hack, and I resurected code I wrote 15 years ago when I first learned java, so there's a bunch of warts in the code, but with that caveat LeelaWatcher provides the following features:

  1. Executes Leela Zero's autogtp cooperative training mode
  2. Parses the standard output from the training sesion to extract the moves
  3. Displays the moves on a graphical board
  4. When the game ends, writes it out to an SGF file named for the timestamp of when the game ended.


Before you can use the LeelaWatcher you must first obtain a current copy of Leela Zero and the autogtp program that comes with it. Instructions can be found on the Leela Zero site.

You will also need to install the Java Runtime Environment

After you have Java, Leela Zero and autogtp, you can run the latest version of LeelaWatcher (found here)

On Linux (what I use) the command looks like this

java -jar LeelaWatcher-1.1.0.jar /home/gus/leelaz/leela-zero/autogtp/

Mac should be similar. For those not familiar with java, what that line does is it invokes java and instructs it to run the code found in LeelaWatcher.jar. Everything after LeelaWatcher.jar is passed to the program as arguments

Two arguments are possible, the first one is the location where LeelaWatcher will search for the autogtp program, the second is optional, but if supplied it will be interpreted as the name of the autogtp program file (the compiled executable that you created when you built auto gtp). This second argument is usually only needed on Windows.

Here's a Windows example, that assumes that your autogtp is in a folder named D:\My Folders\Downloads\leela-zero-0.4-window :

C:>java -jar LeelaWatcher-1.1.0.jar D:\My Folders\Downloads\leela-zero-0.4-windows autogtp.exe

or alternately

C:> cd D:\My Folders\Downloads\leela-zero-0.4-windows
D:\My Folders\Downloads\leela-zero-0.4-windows>java -jar LeelaWatcher-1.1.0.jar . autogtp.exe

Note that the '.' in the second example is a symbol that means "the current directory." Also if I've messed up the Windows example let me know by filing an issue with an example of the corrected command line(s). I don't use Windows very much, and haven't actually run my program there.

Additional command line options can be seen by passing --help or -h

java -jar ~/projects/LeelaWatcher/LeelaWatcher/build/libs/LeelaWatcher-1.1.0.jar --help 

Start a LeelaWatcher instance. A prefix of java -jar is presumed for all
usage below. <dir> specifies where to find autogtp and <cmd> allows
overide of default './autogtp' command (windows users need to specify
an exe for example)

 LeelaWatcher-1.1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar [--help] [options] <dir> [<cmd>]

  --no-sgf        Don't save an sgf file for each game
  --board-only    Don't show output window and other diagnostic features.
  --help -h       Print detailed help message
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