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Welcome to OpenSim Arriba!


OpenSim Arriba is a fork derived from OpenSim.

OpenSim is a BSD Licensed Open Source project to develop a functioning virtual worlds server platform capable of supporting multiple clients and servers in a heterogeneous grid structure. OpenSim is written in C#, and can run under Mono or the Microsoft .NET runtimes.

In case the compile fails please use the arribasim-libs repo to compile those libs.

The libs required in that case are:

  • C5.dll
  • CSJ2K.dll
  • HttpServer.dll
  • PrimMesher.dll
  • SmartThreadPool.dll
  • ThreadedClasses.dll
  • Warp3D.dll


Since the main interest is to keep it stable now: If no one comes up with relevant requests or other necessary requirements, it can happen that there is no commit for a while.

Most time is now allocated to a rewrite instead of using eventually some decades to find all the mess left.

CAUTION about databases:

Do not switch forth and back between 0.9 and arriba fork. The databases are NOT 100% compatible.