Dokku plugin to add hook on build in applications.
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Dokku build hook

Add hook for application to prepare build

This plugin aim applications that requires to run some commands before build and offer a way to run these commands in dokku build lifecycle.


# on 0.3.x
cd /var/lib/dokku/plugins
git clone build-hook
dokku plugins-install

# on 0.4.x
dokku plugin:install build-hook


The plugin will search for scripts in application codebase to be executed on different phases of the build.

The scripts should be installed in a hooks directory in the project codebase and be name as the corresponding hook you want to trigger.

Hooks :

  • pre-build : This script will be executed before the build of the project (Buildpack or Dockerfile based)


Add a script hooks/pre-build in a dokku project.

#!/usr/bin/env bash

echo "Run something before dokku build the project"

When deploying you app to dokku you should see the following instructions before build

-----> Checking for pre-build script
=====> Running pre-build script
Run something before dokku build the project
=====> End of pre-build script