CoffeeScript code to quickly extract and display all the tweetable statements from a live web page.
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What is this supposed to do?

SavePublishing is a bookmarklet, mostly in CoffeeScript, that looks at a web page and decides which statements are tweetable. It does this by length. The sentences are turned into links.

It /could/ if there were demand be a way to turn any aspect of the DOM that can be quickly auto-identified inside a browser into a "shareable" component. But right now the focus is on tweets and handling the incredible strangeness of the DOM, with a very specific use-case (i.e. this is emphatically not Readability; the focus is on finding appropriately-sized things to share, very quickly, totally on the client-side).

What is this repo, specifically?

This repository is all of the code necessary for a full deploy of Right now the creator of the repo, Paul Ford ( is the only person who deploys to Eventually he/I hope to move everything to S3 and automate a little more.

As noted, the code is written in CoffeeScript, with the exception of the bookmarklet itself, which is just JavaScript with a javascript: prefix.

The coffeescript source is in

  • This is all a hot mess right now.
  • There's very little testing, just a reloadable page with text samples, and that's poorly used.
  • The docco docs are a mess.
  • And so forth. It's pre-alpha, basically.

Want to help?

Involved folks are welcome to fork away. I'll likely be very permissive about merges that try to meet the use case described above, namely:

the focus is on finding appropriately-sized things to share, very quickly, totally on the client-side

I'll do my best to keep a good branch live at



There are a lot of BUGFIX issues, mostly related to sites that don't parse. Because the bookmarklet needs to choose between nav/ads and not-nav-ads, there are a lot of false positives and some false negatives. It's an ongoing concern. Some issues are easy to fix; some are tiny; some will likely never be fixed.

No deadline.


The "Beta." I'll probably deploy whenever anything interesting happens, but I want to prioritize bugfixes over features, so I'm using a "Bugfix"/"Beta" milestone concept to keep things clear.

No deadline.

1.0 or Wishlist

A place to put more ambitious ideas.

No deadline.