Incremental view maintenance for openCypher graph queries.
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Build Status

For a summary on the project, visit the ingraph web page.

ingraph is built with the Gradle system.

User's guide

To run the tests, issue the following command:

./gradlew test

Contributor's guide


We recommend using IntelliJ for developing ingraph. Make sure you install the Scala plug-in.

Importing the projects

  • Import the projects using New | Project from Existing Sources... (or simply click Import Project on the welcome screen).
    • Select the ingraph directory.
    • Tick Auto import.
    • Untick Create separate module per source set. Until this IntelliJ issue is resolved, tick Create separate module per source set.
    • Pick Use default gradle wrapper as your Gradle installation.
  • After importing, add the Scala SDK (version 2.11) to the module. (If you did not use Scala before, download it from the dialog box provided by IntelliJ).

Third-party dependencies

For parsing queries, we use the Slizaa openCypher Xtext grammar.


All code in this repository is available under the Eclipse Public License v1.0. The project was supported by the MONDO EU FP7 (EU ICT-611125) project and is currently developed by the MTA-BME Lendület Research Group on Cyber-Physical Systems.