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Barcode to pc app

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  • Clone the repository

    git clone
    cd barcode-to-pc-app
  • Install ionic and cordova

  • Put the Firebase config files in the root folder (GoogleService-Info.plist and google-services.json)

  • Install the npm dependencies and add your platform

    npm install
    ionic cordova platform add android@8.1.0
    ionic cordova platform add ios
    ionic cordova resources # rename icon.ios.png to icon.png to generate the iOS icons


ionic cordova run ios --device
ionic cordova run android

Publish updates

  • Increase the version number of the package.json
  • Increase the versionCode and version number in the config.xml
  • Commit the changes, Add a tag & push
  • Run the following commands:
# iOS
# File > Workspace Settings... > Select "Legacy Build System"
# Select Generic iOS device as Build Target
# Barcode to PC > Build Phases > Remove "[CP] Copy Pods Resources"
# Barcode to PC > Build Settings > Signing > Set Code Signign Identity to "iOS Developer"
ionic cordova build ios --prod --release
open "platforms/ios/Barcode to PC.xcworkspace"
# Product > Archive

# Android
# Increase version code in config.xml
ionic cordova build android --prod --release
jarsigner -verbose -sigalg SHA1withRSA -digestalg SHA1 -keystore $JKS_PATH $APK_PATH keystore
zipalign -v 4 $APK_PATH out.apk
ionic info > last-ionic-info.txt
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