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A Parser package for FuelPHP that allows for using any kind of parser library to parse your views.

branch: 1.8/develop

Parser package


Simply add parser to your config.php always_loaded.packages config option.

Included Parsers

  • Markdown - A PHP version of Markdown by Michel Fortin.


// old usage still valid, will load app/views/example.php

// load a SimpleTags template, will load and parse app/views/example.stags

// load a Mustache template, will load and parse app/views/example.mustache

// load a Twig template, will load and parse app/views/example.twig

// load a Hybrid Haml / Twig template, ATTENTION: this one expects app/views/example.twig and {% haml %} code at the top of the view

// load a Jade template, will load and parse app/views/example.jade

// load a Haml template, will load and parse app/views/example.haml

// load a Smarty template, will load and parse app/views/example.smarty

// load a Dwoo template, ATTENTION: this one expects app/views/example.tpl

Installing parsers

Only Markdown is included. While many other drivers are included, their libraries are not and are by default.

Mustache, Twig, MtHaml and Smarty should be installed via Composer. Simply add the libraries to your project's composer.json then run php composer.phar install:

    "require": {
        "mustache/mustache" : "*",
        "smarty/smarty" : "*",
        "twig/twig" : "*",
        "mthaml/mthaml": "*"

Other libraries are expected in app/vendor/lib_name (capitalize lib_name), you'll have to download them yourself. Don't change the casing or anything, keep it as much original as possible within the vendor/lib_name dir to keep updating easy (also because some come with their own autoloader).

You can configure them to be loaded from other locations by copying the parser.php config file to your app and editing it.

Config and runtime config

Currently the drivers still lack a lot of config options they should probably accept. They are currently all configured to work with one instance of their parser library, which is available to config:

$view = View::forge('example.stags');
$view->parser()->set_delimiters('{', '}');
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