State Machine mixin that extends a Moleculer Service to act as a finite-state machine.
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Moleculer State Machine

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Moleculer State Machine is an add on for the Moleculer microservices framework that allows services to be extended with finite-state machine behavior. It does so by acting as a high level wrapper for javascript-state-machine.

Basic Usage

Moleculer State Machine will look in the service settings for the state machine options:

const StateMAchine = require("moleculer-state-machine");

    name: "service-with-state-machine",
    mixins: [
    settings: {
        initialState: "new",
        stateTransitions: [
            {name: "age", from: "new", to: "old"}

In this example calling age() on the service will trigger a transition from "new" to "old".


The mixin delegates the methods is, can, cannot, transitions, allTransitions, allStates, and the state property to an internal instance of javascript-state-machine that is created on service creation.


The mixin emits all javascript-stage-machine events as service events prefixed by the service name. The onBeforeTransition event for example will emit on the broker test.onBeforeTransition. The event payload will be as follows:

    event: ..., // the name fo the event
    transition: ..., // the name of the transition function
    from: ... // the state being transitioned from
    to: ... // the state being transitioned to

See javascript-state-machine lifecylce events for more details.


Methods can be defined on the service that will be called when a specific state machine event occurs. These callbacks are called with the same arguments as as events.

See javascript-state-machine lifecylce events for more details.


Moleculer State Machine is available under the MIT license](