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My personal website, 2014 edition.

This is, perhaps, the simplest CMS-like thing I could come up with. It took about 45 minutes, including learning how to use Composer (which is the main reason I did this project - to learn Composer). Consider it public domain because it's such a hilariously tiny amount of code I'm pretty sure even the BSD license is longer.

Setting up

Should be a simple composer update to install the dependencies.

Make sure AllowOverride All is set in your Apache configuration so that the FallbackResource directive works. FallbackResource was added sometime in either 2.2 or 2.4; write a few mod_rewrite rules if you need to run it under another Apache version. You must have some form of URL rewriting in place, using a ?page_name= scheme is ugly and will not work.

Finally, create the Smarty template cache directory:

cd /path/to/
mkdir cache
chmod 777 cache

Known bugs

While this will work in any subdirectory under your docroot, you must specify a path relative to the docroot on the "FallbackResource" line in .htaccess if you wish for arbitrary subdirectories to be recognized (i.e. a URI like "/pages/whatever").

The base uri detection is iffy, it uses REQUEST_URI and PHP_SELF to approximate where it is located within the docroot. May require some tweaking.

Beyond that, well, if I managed to get serious bugs into 54 lines of code then something must be wrong with me.