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#Riack Is a C client library for Riak.

##Compilation ###Dependencies

####protobuf-c Pure C bindings for google protocol buffers. Download at

to compile protobuf-c you first need to install Protocol Buffers find it here

On linux and Mac just do a

sudo make install

On both protobuf libraries.

On Windows Protocol Buffers follow the vsprojects/readme.txt in the downloaded the package. protobuf-c I recommend using cmake however at the time of writing this there is a bug which will give you a compile error if this is still the case visit to find a solution.

####cmake Riack uses cmake build system which means it can be compiled on most systems. Make sure you have installed cmake if not find it here or if your fortunate enough to be an OS with a package manager just install it with that.

###Ready Get a prompt and move to Riack top folder and do

cmake src/

This will generate make files, and you can run a make afterwards, unless your on windows in which case I recommend generating a visual studio project this is done like this:

cmake src/ -G "Visual Studio 10"

Note on windows you might need to tell cmake where to find the Protobuf-C files You can do this by passing some options to cmake which is hard to remember ;) I recommend to just edit src\cmake\Modules\FindProtoBufC.cmake lines 19 & 20.

##Examples To se examples of this look in the examples directory.
Before the examples can run you must place the compiled library files in the precompiled folder (see the precompiled/ file for details).

##Tests To make all tests succeed you need a running riak server with eleveldb backend. If your server is running on localhost with port 8081 set as protocol buffer port, you can run it right away, if not you need to input the ip and port in src/CMakeLists.txt line 4 & 5 and rerun cmake
When ready you can simply do a make test. (on windows just choose the correct build target in Visual Studio)

##Riack++ I am in the process of making a C++ wrapper it can be found here It does not require anything but riack and a C++ compiler.

##Disclamer This is a sparetime project, so if you so a silly bug don't blame my employer, instead make a pull request ;)