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A tool for generate beautiful api documentation for clojure and clojurescript.

This is a codox fork with various structural changes and new look.

Quick Start

Include the following plugin in your project.clj file or your global profile:

:plugins [[funcool/codeina "0.4.0"
           :exclusions [org.clojure/clojure]]]

Put the initial configuration specifying to codeina the location of your sources and the language:

:codeina {:sources ["src"]
         :reader :clojure}

And run the doc lein subcommand:

$ lein doc
Generated HTML docs in /path/to/you/project/doc


This is a complete example that uses all available options:

:codeina {:sources ["src"]
          :exclude [cats.monad.continuation
          :reader :clojure
          :target "doc/dist/latest/api"
          :src-uri "http://github.com/funcool/cats/blob/master/"
          :src-uri-prefix "#L"}

And this is a detailed explanation of possible options:

  • :sources → is a vector of paths that should be analized for extract the docstrings.

  • :reader → is a reader that should be used. Can be :clojure and :clojurescript.

  • :exclude → is a vector of namespace symbols that should be excluded.

  • :target → the directory when the documentation should be generated.

  • :src-uri → the base uri for the source code location.

  • :src-uri-prefix → additional uri prefix.

Additionally to that configuration options, the codeina interprets the metadata attached to the code, then, you can granulary exclude some functions from the documentation using ^:no-doc metadata on the function or in entire namespace.

Also, you can use the ^:deprecated metadata for mark visually in the documentation that a function is deprecated.